Millennial Marketing 101

Millennial Marketing 101

Do you remember the good ol’ days of marketing?

When the consumers were clear cut and easy to reach?

All you had to do was slip an ad in the newspaper or put a commercial out on the radio or television. Now it seems as if there are endless options with no real idea on which one is the correct choice, especially, when trying to reach the new and younger generation.

Millennials give off the impression that they are everywhere and nowhere at once. They seem near impossible to engage, let alone capture the attention of. Marketing to Millennials is among one of the top frustrations of businesses everywhere. The main reasons being their fleeting attention and mass amounts of media consumption. Making it easy for businesses to blend into their background if they aren’t careful.

So, if you’re frustrated with the outcome of some of your attempts remember these top suggestions from Matt Britton, author of YouthNation: Building Remarkable Brands in a Youth-driven Culture.

  1. Be Interactive – Millennial’s love it when they can partake in what a business has to offer. Try to host games or events to grab their initial attention.
  2. Be Utilitarian – There’s nothing the younger generation loves more than EASY. If you’re useful to their lives they’ll need your brand. Make it obvious that you make it easier, faster, and more efficient.
  3. Be Discoverable – Don’t limit yourselves to just Facebook posts or tweets on Twitter. Expand where and how they come across you by using video and branded content, or endorsements with personalities, etc.
  4. Be Local – Be aware of who and what your business is associated with. Millennials want to make sure that who they’re supporting is worth it, so don’t give them a reason to think otherwise. You can do so by supporting neutral, non-political, local causes of importance to the community.
  5. Be More Accessible – Along with having products that can make their lives easier make sure the process of attaining that product is painless. Some focus points are cleaning up your digital house, being where your customers are, and releasing messages frequently and consistently.

If you would like to learn more about how to market successfully to Millennials watch this webinar we hosted in July of 2020.

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