Customer Journey for Local Businesses

How to Connect the Customer Journey to Your Businesses Goals

Look Here! A New Marketing Tactic!

Wow, this marketing tactic is so shiny! It has to be better because this business hasn’t used it yet! New is always better! …Or so you would think. However, this shiny fascination is no better than what happens to Dory in Finding Nemo.

Businesses get so excited by new marketing tactics that they continuously jump from one shiny idea to the other. Sometimes even before the results from their previous attempt have come in. Meanwhile, others struggle with just too many options! Where do they even begin to know what marketing tactic will work best for them?

However, there is a cure to both! It’s known as the Customer Value Journey. This is a meaningful and specific process to help you narrow down your goals and how to accomplish them. However, this should be your last shiny marketing tactic if you follow these eight simple steps and stick to it!

  • Aware – The first thing you should look at is where your customers are becoming aware of you and your products/services. This could happen through an online search, a paid advertisement, or even a referral. If this step isn’t happening, think about how you can create awareness. How can you let your customers know that there is a problem that exists and your business offers the solution!
  • Engage – The next step is what you do when the customer lands on your doorstep… or website. You need to engage with them. Create blog posts, videos, articles, meet and greets, etc. This starts the conversation between you and your customer’s wants/needs.
  • Subscribe – If your previous step goes well, you definitely need a way for your customer to stay in touch. There’s no better way to do that than to have them subscribe! This gives you their contact information to send out information in the future for things they might be interested in.
  • Convert – It’s time to get your customer to commit. Before now you’ve been in the talking stages of this relationship. Now’s the time to have them show up with either their time or money. You can do so by hosting tours or offering small products to buy.
  • Excite – Now that you have them at your store how are you going to excite them? The best way to keep a customer is by excitement. Chances are there are three other places offering the same product/service as you. Give them something that the other places can’t; a reason to come back.
  • Ascend – Most businesses can’t rely on one product/service to sustain themselves. That’s why there’s a value ladder for customers. The goal is to get as many customers through the value ladder as possible. 
  • Advocate – You should also have an opportunity for your customers to give reviews and testimonials. People loved to feel heard. It also gives you the chance to know where you’re excelling and where you need some work.
  • Promote – Finally, people are more likely to listen to referrals from friends and family vs. what they hear elsewhere. Encourage your customers to spread the word. There’s no publicity better than free publicity.

If you’d like to learn more about the Customer Value Journey we had two amazing Wicked Smart Webinars that covered the topic in depth.  Here they are:

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