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New Times, New World… New Marketing?

Let’s learn from history.

You might need to look around, hold your chin funny, and begin to re-think your current plan of attack. 

Is your current strategy up to date? 

Does your brand message relate to the demands of your customer audience?  

I was recently home during the week on a very hot, steamy day. It was the perfect excuse to stay indoors and not do my routine lawn chores.. at least for now.  I did subject myself to the dreadful selection of daytime television.  However, I stumbled across a series on the History Channel that was as informative and intriguing as you might expect. I found “The Food That Built America” fascinating.  

One, the struggles of early entrepreneurs to develop their brands during tough economic times are some of the same challenges branders encounter today, and two, the branders who stuck with it are still selling their products one-hundred plus years later.  Look up the story of Campbell’s Soup sometime. You probably have had the pleasure to slurp a spoonful or two in your lifetime. We’ve all had it, it’s still on the shelf. We know the label, we know the flavors, we trust it as a quick, affordable meal. 

Have you ever looked closely at the label of Campbell’s Tomato Soup though? 

Have you ever put thought into the bronze emblem located in the center of the label?  

I always thought it was fancy artwork until I watched and listened to their story. It’s actually a replica of the bronze medal Campbell’s won at the 1900 Paris International Expo.

Yes, 1900 as in the year 1900. Bread was seven cents a loaf. A quart of milk was nine cents. A pound of beef cost a whopping twenty-six cents. A can of Campbell’s Soup had you coughing up a dime at the counter where your total was calculated on a simple notepad. However, the 1900 Paris Expo put the Campbell’s Soup brand on the world map and to this day is still celebrated within the Campbell’s brand.

I won’t even mention the episode about the development of “Pringles” or should I?. Holy cow! What a story. Who would have thought to combine potato flakes and other ingredients to shape a stackable chip that could be shipped inside a lightweight can meant for tennis balls?

What is interesting though is both brands had to adjust to changing times and tough competitors. Both brands had a long-term strategy to reach new customers and gain higher revenue. 

What is your strategic plan? 

We’ll take you through our process which is even more interesting for us than you can imagine. That’s because it’s about your story. Your position in the marketplace and where you want to take your business. We would love to hear about it. 

Our Process:

  • Step 1 – A Strategic Marketing Workshop to determine your current market position and business goals.
  • Step 2 – Develop Creative and Scheduling strategy. 
  • Step 3 – Campaign schedule commitment and campaign production. 
  • Step 4 – Implement Strategy, allow it to work, and monitor results. 

So, what is your bronze emblem? 

What is the defining moment of your company you’re most proud of?  

What do you want your customers to know about your business?  

What do you really do for the consumer? 

Campbell’s wanted to be known as a quick, affordable meal. From a business point of view, they needed to lighten the shipping load to be cost-effective so they came up with condensed soup. The customer adds the weight of the water at home. Hmm..they used a strategy involving their position in the marketplace, development, commitment, and implementation. 

Before I have to go climb on the lawn tractor and act as if our scorched landscape is actually growing, I leave you with this thought.  Look around, hold your chin funny, and begin to think about your plan of attack. The exciting part? You don’t have to be in the food category. You can be in any business category and accomplish the same marketing goals.  

We’ve developed successful campaigns for categories such as plumbing, roofing, mortgage, automotive, banking, health care, jewelry, sports, painting, beer, manufacturing, skincare, carpeting, lumber, furniture, pet food, and tons of others. 

This website offers much more insight and valuable information you might want to look into. Check out the available Webinars, blogs, upcoming Strategy Workshops, and a multi-talented Strategy Team willing to meet with you whenever you’re ready to take a bite into your piece of the marketplace. 

You’ll find the results “Mmm Mmm Good!”

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