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Who Thinks This Way? My Co-Workers and I Do.

As you read this, I know you’ll see the common thread that is a part of our culture here at Mid-West
Family Madison. Our mission is to serve our communities, listeners, and advertisers with a full suite of
traditional and digital marketing tools combined with brilliant thinkers. These values are part of our way
of life. What is the old saying? You can’t soar with eagles if you’re surrounded by turkeys? Here are a few
thoughts from my co-workers who have expressed why they get up in the morning, jump around in the
shower and go to work for you!

“The biggest thing about the Mid-West Family Madison system is that there is a system! We have definitely identified a step by step process a business owner can work through that will help them. We develop a strategy and a plan that will work and that they can tell is working.”

Bob Pagura, National Agency Account Manager

“To use my creativity to solve the puzzles our advertisers bring us. I enjoy the process of finding the best way to tell their unique story.”

Tami Newman, Brand Strategist

“To do what I do you have to have a caretaker mentality. You have to know that this person who agreed to work with you has put a lot of faith in you to do positive things for their business. It’s not just about me and what I accomplish but how can I help that business and the people in that business succeed in what they want.”

Kyle Carpenter, Brand Ambassador

“We firmly believe you must start an advertising campaign with good information. It would be difficult to help you get advertising results without first knowing how you got to where you are today and where you want to go. We like to begin by learning about your business to help determine your current position in the marketplace.”

Heather Wantoch, Talent And Culture Manager

“In order to do what we do for our clients it takes a very positive go-getter kind of attitude who really wants to help people. You must be willing to help our clients and our community succeed.”

Sara Kiley, Director of Client Success

“The best part of this job is when a client calls and tells you they had their best month in the last ten years. To know I was part of that kind of success is very gratifying.”

Leia Schneeberger, Brand Ambassador

“I love finding and sharing the talents of great writers, musicians, and singers. It’s an honor to be welcomed into the ‘sacred space’ that only radio can do!”

Kathryn Vaughn, Magic 98 Influencer

Now this is only a small sample of random co-workers I’ve passed in our hallways to collect these quotes.
Who thinks this way? Those who dare to soar with eagles my friend. When you allow Mid-West Family
Madison to build your marketing plan that will create measurable results, you know you’ve tapped into
the most talented and dedicated forward thinkers available.

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