Five Great Marketing Podcasts

Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was the kind of person who could get into podcasts. It sounded like talk radio on steroids to me. However, thanks to a little hype from some friends around the podcast “Serial,” I find myself hooked! Mix that with almost two hours of commuting a day, and you have the perfect recipe for podcast binging. 

Luckily, there seems to be an endless supply of murder mystery and cow (I love cows) podcasts. But recently I have found myself gravitating towards marketing podcasts. Once I realized that people are basically “giving away the farm” of great ideas that work, it only made sense for me to harvest their ideas for my own use. 

So welcome to my top five marketing podcasts! Are these the five best podcasts out there? I think so. Plus, they share great ideas and I enjoy them. 

Raising Unicorns—Harmon Brothers

Have you heard of Purple Mattress? What about Squatty Potty or Poo-Pourri? These brands are not only recognizable but their hilarious commercials of pooping unicorns and how to poop at a party are all familiar to us. This is the handy work of the Harmon Brothers. In this uniquely named podcast, they boast they are raising unicorns, described as companies with a billion-dollar valuation. While this podcast runs a little on the long side, I love that they draw from people across their entire network. The hosts change with each episode and they cover everything from creative brand names, who’s your audience, ROI, and of course, how to write funny content. Definitely worth the weekly listen or even to binge on a long car ride. 

Oh, and you can meet Zach Atherton of Harmon Brothers on October 4th at our Really Smart Marketing Workshop.

The Local Marketing Trends—Gordon Borell

Imagine a balding man with curly hair, frantically scribbling on a whiteboard about marketing statics. You are not having a college class flashback, but instead, the ever comical yet poignant Corey Elliot gives you three minutes of marketing static gold on YouTube. His infectious energy carries over to this podcast. What I love about this podcast is that this podcast gives a real-world perspective to marketing that can be used locally! The messages and takeaways can be applied to just about any size business in any market. These podcasts run for about 25 minutes and keep a lighthearted approach to the marketing world. 

Marketing Musings—Johnny Molson

If you are short on time and are looking for something lighthearted, this is the podcast for you! Johnny releases short five-minute episodes every two weeks and boy are they incredibly relatable. The little ditty at the beginning of the podcast draws you in and Johnny’s smooth voice does the rest. The musings are entertaining, insightful, and direct. If you aren’t into podcasts, this is a great one to get started with and with segment titles of “The Thing is Never the Thing”, “Talk’n ‘Bout those G-g-g-g-generations” and “More Lincoln, Less Stinkin”. I am confident you learn something from this Wizard of Ads. 

The DigitalMarketer Podcast—Mark de Grasse

Admittedly, I have taken a number of DigitalMarketer classes and certificate programs. I also read their blog, so it’s no surprise that I listen to this podcast. These are released weekly and they are hitting current issues in digital marketing, whether that is iOS platform updates affecting ad displays, virtual assistants, or the effectiveness of blogs (ironic). This podcast is delivered by marketers for marketers. They dive into the nitty gritty details we face in the online world of marketing. I find there is a community around this podcast because of the relevant current content and a wide variety of experts from outside their own organization. So, if you are frustrated…take a listen. 

Do any of these podcasts intrigue you? If so, know that Mid-West Family has a connection to all of these creators. If you want to know first-hand about Raising Unicorns, be sure and register for our  Really Smart Marketing Workshop. Learn all the details and save your seat

I hope you are able to listen to these podcasts. Know that I will be listening alongside you during my commute, sharpening my marketing skills.

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