How to Select the Right Meta Ads Manager Advertising Campaign Objective

How to Select the Right Meta Advertising Campaign Objective

Are you having difficulty with determining which Facebook or Instagram Advertising Campaign Objective is right for your business? Do you ponder if a different ad objective or ad type could get your business better results? Learn more about the Facebook Meta Advertising Campaign Objectives and how to select the best ones to achieve your business goals and get the outcome you expect.

What Is A Meta Advertising Campaign Objective?

The first step in creating your advertising campaign in Facebook Meta Ad Manager is selecting your objective, so it’s important to understand what campaign objectives are and how they work. Your campaign’s Advertising Objective is the business goal you hope to achieve by running your ads with an outcome you and your business would find the most valuable.

Which Ads Manager Objective Should I Be Using?

Before you choose which ad to create and run in Facebook Meta Ads Manager, first consider what your business goals are and ask the question “what’s the most important outcome I want from running this ad?”

In order to be able to choose the correct objective for Meta ads to work best, it’s important to know what you are trying to achieve. Objectives help to clarify your goals for campaigns or even individual ads. They’re the first thing you select when you go to Ads Manager when creating an ad. Choosing the correct advertising campaign objective at the start is essential and selecting the wrong objective can lead to Facebook showing your ads to the wrong users at the wrong time, ending up wasting budget by the end of your campaign.

Facebook offers a variety of advertising objective options in the Ads Manager that can each help you reach a specific business goal. As your business grows, your advertising campaign goals may change. First, you may want to focus on building brand awareness and acquiring new customers. Later, you may want to encourage customers to make a purchase on your website or sign up for an event. Consider what actions future potential customers can take that will be the most crucial for your business to achieve your current goals.

Facebook Marketing Objectives that Perform

1) Awareness – Show your ads to people who are most likely to remember them and increase people’s awareness of your business, brand or service. Get people’s attention with awareness objectives.

Facebook Brand Awareness Awareness Objectives can generate interest in your product or service. Increasing brand awareness is about telling people what makes your business valuable. For example, Kitter’s Market is going to launch a small regional chain of kite repair stores. By using the brand awareness objective, they can create a campaign that highlights their high quality kite repairs to people in the local area.

Good for:

  • Reach – Show ads to the maximum number of people in your audience while staying within your budget. You can also choose to reach only people who are near your business locations.
  • Brand awareness – Increase overall awareness for your brand by showing ads to people who are more likely to pay attention to them. Works well with: ad recall lift
  • Video views – Show your videos to people who are most likely to be interested in them and watch them to completion.

2) Traffic – Send people to a destination, like your website, app or Facebook event and increase the likelihood they’ll take a valuable action when they get there.

Facebook Traffic ObjectiveConsideration Objectives will get people to think about your business and seek more information. For example, Kitter’s Kite shop has a website that tells their story and lists some of their store’s unique offerings. Using the traffic objective they can create a campaign that encourages people to visit their site to learn more.

Good for:

  • Link clicks – Send people from your ad to any destination you choose and grow the number of people who are visiting your site, app or Messenger conversation.
  • Landing page views – Show your ad to the people Facebook thinks are most likely to click it and load your chosen landing page.
  • Messenger – Prompt people to open more Messenger interactions. Scale your ability to have personal conversations with them—so you can answer questions, collect leads and boost sales.

3) Engagement – Get more messages, video views, post engagement, Page likes or event responses.

Find people more likely to engage with your business online, send a message or take desired actions on your ad or Page. For example, if you want people who are interested in your products or services to start a conversation via Messenger, this objective can reach potential customers more likely to do so.

Good for:

  • Messenger & Instagram Direct
  • Video views
  • Post engagement – Get more people to follow your Page or engage with your posts through comments, shares and likes.


If you better understand what the advertising campaign objective options are and how each campaign objective works, you’ll be able to choose the objective most likely to achieve your business goal, whether that’s to drive traffic to your website, increase store sales, or start message conversations. One important thing to remember is that the objective you end up choosing will influence how Facebook delivers your ads and who the ads will be delivered to. The results you see at the end of your campaign will be based on your campaign objective and optimization choices you select.

Remember to start with asking yourself “What’s the most important outcome I want from this ad that you and your business would find the most valuable? What are my business goals I hope to achieve by running this ad?

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