Heather Wantoch

I don't want to just tell you what I am good at and why. I want to show you! Keep reading to learn what you can expect when you work with me.


Clients who work with me love my results-focused mindset that eliminates endless meetings and chasing the next shiny object. Together we'll create a strategy unique to you that will reach the goals of your business.

Let's Get Personal

I'm a full-funnel marketer with a passion to deliver results in a fun, engaging, and most importantly, measurable way.

Here is what you can expect when you work with me.

  • I will take work off your plate, not add to it.
  • I will take the time to know your business goals and the desired outcome of your marketing efforts before I ask you for money.
  • I will get you results. My goal is to first identify your business needs, then satisfy them—from your point of view—profitably.
  • I will tell you the truth from my perspective—even if it’s hard to hear—or say, in my case. If your website needs help before we start sending people to it, I’ll have that conversation with you. Not to “call your baby ugly,” but because I believe partners in business earn trust.
  • I will come prepared for our meetings. I’ll create an agenda and share it with you so you know what to expect from me in our time together.
  • I will be prompt and efficient. Your time is valuable; I will not waste it.
  • I will listen.
  • I will probably swear.

At my core, I believe in Servant Leadership. I understand every person is different. I’m not the right business partner for everybody. But if you think we’d work well together, let’s do this dang thing!

Areas of Expertise

  • Full-Funnel Marketing

  • Branding

  • Digital Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media Advertising

Types of Clients I Serve Best

  • Dealerships

  • Home Services

  • Recruitment

  • Financial

Causes I Support

  • American Family Children's Hospital Radiothon

  • Veteran's Causes (My brother is a Marine)

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How to get started

1 Schedule an appointment to talk about the aspirations for your business.

2 Help you cultivate your brand's narrative to reach your target audience

3 Start maximizing your marketing investment with a clear focus and understanding of where you are going and how to get there

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Christopher Keleny

Keleny Top Soil

My families business has used Mid-West Family for years. They are always coming up with new ideas to keep our business ahead of the curve. Our sales manager Heather is always open to take my calls and meet with me when I have questions. Mid-West Family has taken our business to the next level!

Christine Eagan

Wisconsin RV World

Heather was a pleasure to work with, extremely good at her job! Always on the ball to answer any questions we had. That goes for the whole team! Everyone was a professional and explained things in a way that we could understand from their respective fields!

Ross Hubbard

Ale Asylum

Heather is easy to work with. We've been partnering with Mid-West Family for over 3 years and they've always worked diligently to tailor the services/advertising/sponsorship's offered to our needs. Additionally they've never tried to over sell or push something that wouldn't benefit both our companies and be well received by their listeners. Great team, great results.

Tom Schoenmann

Tom's Auto Center

Great people to deal with a multitude of stations. All our contact people really care about what advertising works best for each business. Very professional as they answer all your questions.

Sgt Nicholas Ranum

United States Marine Corps

Working with Heather over two years made the entire partnership process remarkably easy. She was always there with any relevant information for the various partnerships that we worked together on and was quick to solve any problems that arose during the events. Heather also provided many new opportunities for partnerships between Mid-West Family Madison and Marine Corps Recruiting Station Milwaukee. She set my expectations of what an advertising sales representative should be and how they should act. 

Rachel DeGrand

Hausmann Group

Heather is extremely easy to work with. She is always quick to respond to calls or emails and can execute a plan like no other. She builds strong relationships with her clients - when she took over our corporate account she went out of her way to get to know not only our business, but me as a person. I now consider her not only a great business partner, but a friend as well! 

Let's get moving.

Don't be afraid to have a meeting with me. We'll talk and decide together if we're a good fit for each other. No need for a second date if you don't like me!

  • 608-441-3656
  • heather.wantoch@midwestfamilymadison.com