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Kelly Northlee

Having used social media and online tools to build and grow my personal career, and other companies, I'm able to gather a better understanding of yours.

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Are looking for someone who will value your time just as much as I do my own?   No beating around the bush, let's get right to the nitty gritty.

Am I a good fit to become your new marketing partner?

I grew up in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. My husband and I met in 2015 and quickly knew we would get married. About 6 months later we tied the knot! It's true what they say when you know, you know! My husband had just signed a contract with the US Navy. So, after we married we moved to where he was stationed in Gulfport Mississippi.

When we first moved I got into car sales and LOVED it. However, my husband was often deployed and after our daughter was born in 2017 I found a new baby just didn't work for that type of sales environment. Turns out this was a blessing in disguise. While selling cars, I met a successful investor who felt real estate would be a great fit for me. Sure enough, a couple of years later I was thriving in Real Estate and opened my own Property Management Company and Brokerage.

I used social media when in car sales, even branded myself as "Camaro Kelly."  I took that experience to the next level for Real Estate. While, I don't have a huge following, but I know people are watching because 70% or more of my clients came from social media. I took the opportunity to help other agents grow their online presence by teaching classes to local offices!

When my husband finished his contract with the military, we found ourselves missing family, friends, and home. We sold just about everything and moved back to Wisconsin. I found myself drawn to this position, as a Brand Ambassador for YOUR company.  I'm excited to be able to help not only personal businesses but also larger businesses on a bigger platform, with more help behind me!

If you're looking to increase brand awareness and ultimately increase your profits and performance, we should meet!

Areas of Expertise

  • Video

  • Brand Awareness

  • Social Media

  • Story Telling

Types of Clients I Serve Best

  • Real Estate—I am a licensed Agent

  • Food Industry

  • Medical and Dental

  • Automotive

  • Retail

Causes I Support

  • American Family Children's Hospital Radiothon

  • Donate Life America

  • Feeding America

My plan for YOUR success

1 Schedule an appointment to talk about your aspirations for your business

2 Help you cultivate your brand's narrative to reach your target audience

3 Start maximizing your marketing investment with a clear focus and understanding of where you are going and how to get there

Let's get moving.

I know not everyone is ready to schedule a meeting, but if you'd like to start a conversation. Here's your chance.

868A0048 (1)
  • 920-204-9957
  • kelly.northlee@midwestfamilymadison.com