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Tami Newman

My strengths lie in looking for workable, creative solutions to issues large and small. In other words, I get stuff done.

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  • tami.newman@midwestfamilymadison.com

My superpower is helping you find your brand voice and
amplifying your message to your tribe.

Everyone Needs a Rhinoceros.

All good marketing messages share the trait of a rhinoceros—one big point with a lot of weight behind it.

We've perfected a system of working with our clients to uncover their brand story. To take your passion and the reason why you wanted to own a business in the first place and shine a light so bright customers can see it from space.

As a business owner, have you ever had the stressful feeling you needed to "fake it 'till you make it?" I think that is ridiculous—instead of feeling like you need to fake it and maybe fumble the ball—let us share our tools and training so you can make it for real, without the added stress!

We know you're an expert in your products and services, but growing your business needs expertise in marketing, sales, and putting the right message in front of the right people. That's where Mid-West Family Madison shines!

My goal is to dig until we find the perfect combination of strategy and messaging and then broadcast it to your tribe.

Areas of Expertise

  • Creative Uncovery

  • Brand Awareness

  • Story Telling

  • Video

  • Writing

  • Social Media

Awards and Certificates

  • Wizard Academy Graduate -  Magical Worlds Communication Workshop

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media 

  • Digital Marketing

  • Customer Acquistion

Do you have a question?

Feel free to reach out and ask. I love helping people, and I promise if I don't know the answer, I'll work with you to find it.

  • 608-622-9995
  • tami@midwestfamilymadison.com