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Our website team is ready to get to work for you!

Your website is your best salesperson! The one that never sleeps, takes a vacation, or quits to go work for your competitor!

With that in mind, you don't want your best salesperson calling in sick! For just $499, the team at Mid-West Family will perform an in-depth review of the health of your website and make sure it is in tip-top shape.

Here’s what you can expect for your $499 investment:

  • We use best practices to run your website through an exhaustive battery of tests and measure it against the Six Pillars to Success.
  • You’ll receive an in-depth copy of the web audit providing ALL necessary recommendations and guidelines on implementing changes. We refer to it as the “Ultimate Road Map” for your website.
  • This investment can be credited towards a future purchase with Mid-West Family…so technically, you could get this for FREE!
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Increase Sales & Leads From Your Website

Increase traffic and conversions, provide a better user experience, and increase the time spent on your site—all these goals start with the health of your website. So before you get too far down the road on the next shiny marketing toy, start by reviewing your website.
Doing this exercise will allow you to address problem areas such as offers that won’t convert, links that can’t be found, don’t work, aren't optimized, and a long list of other factors that drain your resources. Search Engines play a big role in this and we’ll address the techy side, but also how potential customers navigate your website and what trips them up and ultimately converts them into new customers!
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