• Generate leads and word of mouth activity for quality products and installation services.
  • Establish AMS as a trustworthy, honest, and relatable, local business.

How Did We Meet Their Objectives?


  • Leverage the power of radio’s influencers to drive consumer engagement.
  • Establish Paul Nachreiner as a local technology influencer through radio.


Johnny & Dee (and Paul) Morning Show
  • Since the early 2000’s, Paul Nachreiner is a regular guest on the Johnny & Dee Mornings on 94.1 JJO.
  • Every Tuesday he talks about home audio and on Thursdays he chats car audio.
  • Each 3-minute long-form interview regularly includes engaging content, contests, and ultimate audio/home giveaways, an organic call-to-action, and on occasion a couple of Bloody Mary's.
How Did We Meet Their Objectives?


  • Significantly better results vs. online only campaigns.
  • The ads pay for themselves, there is a direct correlation between sales growth and the radio marketing.

“Half my customers come in and say, ‘I heard you on the radio’” Paul Nachreiner, President, AMS

Here’s a snippet of Paul from our recent influencer panel event!