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Easy Order Windows Geofences Their Competitors

Easy Order Windows deployed a strategy to redirect 273 of their competitor's customers to their website with a creative geofencing strategy.

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As with most every business the goal was to sell their product. But first, they needed to get their name out as an alternative to higher-priced, less efficient competitors. Also, the process seems too easy and too reasonably priced – so we needed to build consumer confidence.

  • Drive people actively looking to purchase replacement windows to EasyOrderWindows.com
  • Build brand awareness
  • And, of course, sell more windows


This is a start-up with a small budget. The strategy team sharpened their pencils and came up with a very targeted approach to gain traction, get clicks, and build momentum. The demand was there. Polls suggest millions of people are spending their stimulus money on home improvement. Couple that with the lack of inventory of homes for sale and the exorbitant cost to build a new home and you have a perfect opportunity to sell upgrades to existing homes.

Targeted Display advertising provided the perfect way to pinpoint the right people with a conservative budget and drive engagement.

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Easy Order Windows


Over a period of four months, the campaign achieved 580,163 impressions, an average CTR of 0.17. Geofences at local competitors netted 279 unique website visits

The client is so happy with the results of this one tactic that his renewal includes Search Engine Marketing and a social media ads campaign.

About Easy Order Windows

Easy Order Windows brings the ease of online ordering to a new category – replacement windows. The process is right in the name. It is really easy to order windows through their website. You tell them how many you want, they send their guy to your house to measure the exact sizes you need. They make your windows in the US-based factory and then come and install them. Typically, within half the time of their competitors.