• Gain a larger Hispanic audience share
  • Increase dealership foot traffic, utilizing bilingual sales and service team members
  • Increase revenue generated from the Hispanic population


Through Targeted Display, we delivered messages to Hispanic businesses, where our audience frequents, using Geofencing.
Using Addressable Geofencing, we also targeted the households of Hispanic homes within a defined radius of Hesser Toyota.

Delivering Spanish ads, we urged the target audience to visit the website and to check out the inventory at the dealership.

We focused the message to highlight the amazing bilingual sales staff and service team members, making the process easier for the customer.



Over 8 months, the campaign was able to deliver the
following results:

  • 1,042 clicks to the site
  • 256 conversions, an average of 32 a month

With such success in driving the Hispanic audience to the dealership, Hesser increased their spend through Targeted Display to generate more conversions. We have expanded to target different demographics and locations and continue to produce foot traffic to the dealership


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