Johnson's Sausage Shoppe

Winner Winner, Meat Raffle for Dinner

Case Study for Meat Raffle Mondays - sponsored by Johnson’s Sausage Shoppe

If you’ve ever walked into a Wisconsin bar on a fundraising night, it wouldn't be a surprise to see rolls of paper raffle tickets or walk past coolers chuck full of meat (intentional beef pun).  Meat, cheese, and beer are Wisconsin staples, so it’s no surprise that meat raffle fundraisers are popular.

Winners traditionally have their choice of a cut of meat or a gift certificate. 

Who better to sponsor our online version of a raffle?  Johnson’s Sausage Shoppe!

Meat Raffle Monday


  • Create a COVID compliant promotion 
  • Grow the client’s email list of subscribers
  • Increase brand awareness for Johnson’s Sausage Shoppe


Through a multi-channel promotion, Meat Raffle Mondays was a contest spanning over 3 months, with 4 large opportunities to win.   Each raffle winner received a $100 gift card to the raffle sponsor Johnson’s Sausage Shoppe in Rio, WI.

Our team put together a state-wide campaign to reach The Farm listeners across the station’s network and it lived on The Farm’s website.  We captured data and email addresses for every participant who entered to win.  We used email marketing to promote the contest to the Farm Network’s listener database and promoted the contest on social media.

Participants could enter to win once per day and earn bonus entries by sharing on social media.

meat raffle mondays
Meat Raffle Monday results


Meat Raffle Mondays generated enormous traffic to the contest page, including 2,125 total entries!  We greatly increased our database of interested subscribers.  Johnson’s Sausage Shoppe saw increased social media followers, website traffic, and in-store customers with this marketing sponsorship.

  • 2,125 total contest entries from all across Wisconsin
  • 1,082 new users signed up and opted in to receive emails including Johnson Sausage Shoppe
  • 294 Facebook shares of the contest
  • 62.8% open rate for the follow-up email once participants entered (average email open rate is 18%)
  • 7.7% click-thru rate from the follow-up email to Johnson Sausage Shoppe’s website

With increasing consumer privacy online, you can generate engagement with your customer base with a contest strategy through Mid-West Family Madison.