Seneca Foods

Recruitment Campaign Leads to 8,000 Phone Calls

Seneca Foods partnered with Mid-West Family to overcome the obstacles they faced finding a large enough pool of the right candidates. They met with the Strategy Team and together we created a campaign targeted at their perfect candidate.

Seneca Monitor


Based on the type of work and the number of candidates Seneca needed, we knew they needed to fill their recruitment funnel.

    • Continuously fill a large number of positions
    • Recruit and retain great employees


Based on the demographic Seneca wanted to target, we recommended a full-funnel strategy. We supplemented a heavy radio schedule with Facebook Posts, and personal endorsements on La Movida.

We created compelling messaging highlighting the reasons applicants should apply. By leveraging the powerful social influence of Luis and Lupita we connected with applicants on a personal level and built trust with the Seneca brand.

Seneca Foods Mobile
Seneca Laptop


  • Seneca Foods received OVER 8,000 CALLS during the campaign and filled the vacant positions with the exact right people.