Swita Metal Roofing

Covering Digital Search with Swita Metal Roofing

Swita Metal roofing was a year old company looking to gain traction in a competitive market. They had survived the first year, but turned to Mid-West Family Madison to grow their market share.



  • Increase leads
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase their digital footprint
  • Increase overall number of projects acquired, and overall profit
  • Increase awareness of their top services


Swita Metal Roofing’s goals revolved around short-term lead generation and long-term growth, so we implemented campaigns for both PPC and SEO. At the start we did extensive industry and keyword research to ensure we created optimal campaigns. We began optimizing SEO both on-page and off-page to start the slow march to the top of search rankings.

For PPC we developed captivating ads, allowing Swita to show in the top of search ranking immediately. A combination of strategic keywords and phrases helped keep cost per click low, while maximizing conversions.



Swita’s campaigns gathered momentum quickly and did not

slow down. Their success has been astounding.

  • PPC and SEO combined average 28 leads per month
  • Number of new projects increased 43%
  • Services pages saw traffic increase by 14% - 252%
  • Overall time on site increased by 97% year over year, leading to higher quality visits and an increased conversion rate
  • 22% decrease in bounce rate

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