Willy Street Co-op

Walk In to Willy Street Co-op

What better way to kick off nice spring weather than busting out the grill?  

Willy St. Coop had a goal to increase sales during their week-long grilling special.  We turned up the heat on their marketing - see how below!

Willy Street Monitor


  • Increase foot traffic and sales during grilling special
  • Encourage customers to become Co-op owners


Our team crafted a high-frequency, short-term digital campaign.  We focused on serving ads to people who had shown interest in organic, vegan or specialty food stores in the Dane County Area.   We also targeted people who shop locally, including geofencing similar businesses.

Willy Street Mobile
Willy Street Co-op laptop


In one week, the campaign brought 28 visitors to their stores who were served an ad and generated 261 clicks to their website from the ads.  108 more visitors converted after the campaign stopped actively delivering impressions.  Conversions are when a consumer is served an ad and then visits one of the Willy Street Coop locations. 

  • The week the ads ran, they saw an increase in sales from non-owners equal to their investment. 
  • The week after, they saw an 8%+ increase in sales from non-owners
  • 20% increase in Co-op Owner registrations

That’s 136 people to their store from one week of advertising - talk about foot traffic!

Our client said, “The promotion worked very well for us and, thanks to our reporting and the reporting from [Mid-West Family], I can show that these increases were due in large part to this ad.”